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Google Ads

When these internet users who are in search of the like products and services that you offer come across your brand and business details advertised through Google Ads, they would surely click on it and contact you. Do you want to reach out to your target customers?
Google Adwords Marketing Services In Salem

PAy Per Click Ads

Then you can always trust Lamdasoft Google Adwords Marketing Services. We provide number 1 Pay Per Click Services. We help our customers to avail utmost benefit of Google Ads which is an online advertising solution to promote their products and services on channels like Google Search and all other sites in the internet. It is a tool to develop your business to the top notch! Customers can view your Ad within seconds they start browsing on Google searching for your offers which are their needs.

Google Ads Marketing Services

Advantages of Google Ads

  • Increases website visits -The online ads would drive people to your website.
  • Increases phone calls – Ads that show up your phone number with click-to-call button will increase the number of new customer calls for you.
  •  Increases shop visits:  Ads that guide valuable customers to your company via map.

Paid Marketing Agency

Keeping the goals of your business, an apt advertisement would be created. The extent of the reach of your business – “Global or Local” will also be considered to show it to the right audience. Short attractive message describing your product or service with mind-blowing banner ads and images will be created. Good results will be shown with a comfortable budget of your choice.

Strategies Followed In The Use Of Google Ads

Types Of Google Ads

  1. Search Network campaigns -Texts are shown on Google Search results pages when searches for similar products and services are made.  This allows you reach people who are searching for the products and services in Google.  If they are similar to your products and services, your ads would show up to customers and hence increase sales, leads and traffic to your website.
  2. Display Network campaigns – Images on websites or apps. This allows you to reach your targeted customers with visually engaging ads.  This helps in reaching other parts of the web also.  Display also lets you to direct remarketing ads to existing customers or new customers.
  3. Video campaigns – short videos showing before or between YouTube videos and other websites. Help you to boost awareness of your brand and drive conversions
  4. Shopping campaigns – Suitable for retailers looking to sell product s. These appear on Google Shopping tab and also search results.
  5. App campaigns -These help you find new app users and thus increase sales. This uses data from your app to optimize ads
  6. Local campaigns – These let you attract customers to visit your physical stores and venues. Your ads will appear in Search, Display, YouTube and Google Maps,
  7. Smart campaigns – Create a few ads for your business and Google finds the best to get maximum benefit with minimum time and money.

Paid Ads Campaign Planning

Your ads will be displayed on Maps and also other sites when people search for similar services or products. You have to pay for results if people click your ad to make a call, visit your website or use the map to get directions to your office or shop.

How Does Google Ads Work For You?

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Expenditure on Google Ads

You can set a monthly limit. Adjust or pause your advertising whenever you wish. You should only pay for the number of clicks, website visits and number of calls. You can contact our Expert professionals to set a budget according to your wish.
  • Perform Keyword research to find suitable advertising opportunities
  • Selection of new long-tail keywords
  • Doing competitive analysis and take necessary action
  • Construct Adwords reports
  • Handling bidding strategies
  • Creating and analyzing new ads
  • Adjust working plan to improve account performance

How A Successful Google Ad Champaign Is Created


Lamdasoft is the leading Google Ads Company . There are only a few simple steps for you to take to develop your business with the use of Google Ads.

. Just provide us the details regarding your products, services, businesses, projects, educational centers or any other fields that you are committed to. Call us or visit our office to discuss with our Certified Adwords Specialist about all your goals and expectations. Our staff will take all the necessary steps to create your advertisement and keep you informed about all the stages of its progress. You will get the progressive results in your business day by day!
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