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Do you wish to showcase your products on the website in an elegant manner? Lamdasoft Ecommerce Web Design Services in Salem is the answer you are looking for! Our team uses the best user interface functionalities which captivates the customers and makes them avail your services or buy your products.
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Designing A Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce web designing is the most prominent way of achieving online presence at global level. An Ecommerce website offers an ecommerce store from where customers can easily purchase products or services online. The Ecommerce website designing solutions offered by Lamdasoft Web Design in Salem focuses on effective online sales promotion at affordable charges. Our committed and experienced web masters create Ecommerce websites that makes significant impact on your business sales. To make your website the most favorite one of customers, we offer functionalities such as ease of access, lesser loading time, SEO optimized and mobile-friendly! Lamdasoft Ecommerce Web Development Company In Salem has ample experience in designing Ecommerce Websites for prominent companies in USA and UK. We offer you the most reputable Ecommerce Website designing solutions.
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Functioning of E-commerce

E-commerce is empowered by the internet through which customers access an online store, browse and place orders for their required products or services using various communicative devices. When an order is placed, the web browser of the customer will communicate with the server of the website of the online store. Data relating to the order will be transferred to a central computer (order manager) and forwarded to inventory level which is a merchant system that manages payment information and a bank computer and then circles back to the order manager. After validation of the order, the order manager will alert the store’s web server which will display a message to the customer that the order has been processed. The order manager will send order data to the fulfillment department so that the product or service is successfully dispatched to the customer. At this point products would be shipped to the customer or the needed service may be granted.
  • Customer convenience
  • Customizable Designs
  • Online Payment Gateway
  • Globalization of business
  • Product branding
  • SEO Friendly
  • Secure Solution
  • No Geographical Limitations
  • Reach targeted audience
  • 24/7 buying/selling
  • Increases sales
  • Less marketing costs

Advantages of Ecommerce Websites

Processes Involved In Creating An Ecommerce Website

  • Requirements:   Technical manager holds a meeting with the client and get the requirements for Ecommerce website development.
  • Planning:  Technical team will analyze and choose the correct platform for Ecommerce website development like WooCommerce
  • Front Design Layout:  The front designer will design the layout and it will be forwarded to client for approval.
  • Backend Application:  After layout approval, the backend developers team will develop Ecommerce websites.
  • Hosting:  When the Ecommerce website is completely designed,  it will go live with payment gateway integration and SSL.
  • Testing:  Ecommerce website development will be tested in order to avoid SQL injections & Malware attacks
  • Connecting The Links:  All modules will be linked and be prepared for testing
  • Modules:  We split all the Ecommerce websites into the modules based on the client’s requirements.
  • Business-to-Business model:  It is the most popular Ecommerce business model in which businesses serve each other with their products and services.  It is suitable for manufacturers, service providers, retailers and wholesalers who can project their live catalogue through this Ecommerce platform.  Example:  IndiaMart
  • Business-to-customer:  It is also a popular business model in which businesses directly serve the customers with their products and services.  It is suitable for electronic, consumer durable, furniture, etc.  Example:  Amazon
  •  Consumer-to-Consumer: In this case, the consumers buy or sell items electronically and get a small commission.  This is suitable for peers to help each other by promoting each other’s businesses online using Ecommerce platforms.   Example:  Quickr
  • Consumer-to-Business:  This business model lets an individual sell their services to a business or organization.  Example:  fiverr
  • Business-to-Administration:  In this business model, organization and public administration deal online with each other.  Example:  Legal Documents
  • Consumer-to-Administration:  In this business model, electronic transactions between consumers and public administration takes place.  Example:  E-health.

Ecommerce Business Models

Why You Choose Lamdasoft For eCommerce Website Development?

Ecommerce has given a new face of online shopping experience and the consumers follow this most modern way to purchase goods and services in the online platform. Ecommerce has broken all the geographical barriers and has connected remote buyers, sellers, and end-users. Choose Lamdasoft Ecommerce Web Design in Salem that offers the best software for your unique requirements. Our dedicated crew comprises of expert consultants and developers who ensure that our clients receive a successful Ecommerce Website to reach their desired goals. We are well-equipped with all the latest technologies for a hassle-free payment method also. The creative Ecommerce website tailored by our expertise team makes the business of our clients flourish.