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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Is Marketing Process In Which An Online Retailer Hires An External Website For Driving Traffic Or Sales Resulting From The Referrals Made By It. The Retailer Pays Commission To The Website Based On The Results.
Affiliate Marketing

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If you want to increase the sales of your product or service without spending more money for promoting it, you can look for an Affiliate Marketing Company. You pay a commission to the company on each sale that materializes as a result of marketing through website, ad or social media posts. Lamdasoft Provides Premier Affiliate Marketing Services In Salem.
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The Three Parties

There are three parties involved in this process.

  1. The product creator – One who produces or sells the product or entrepreneur.
  2. The Affiliate – The Affiliate Marketing Company which affiliates the product creator’s business.
  3. The Consumer – The person who buys the product.


We come up with unique and compelling ideas which help us to use suitable techniques which include:

* Conduct interacting sessions with staff and client (potential product creators or sellers)

* Research latest consumer trends

* Watchfully go through customer reviews of existing products

* Finally use suitable techniques to start marketing the products

Ideas and Techniques

Marketing Of The Product/Service

Even if the client has a great product, the presentation also plays an important role! The affiliate marketing agency creates message and design that heightens the value of your product and makes an impression in the minds of the consumers and end users. The affiliate product marketing services provided in our company are web design, SEO, conversion optimization, lead generation, social media marketing, email campaigns, and more. Our goal is to build trust about your products in the minds of the consumers.

affiliate marketing agency

Using the right tools gives great results. After researching the market, new ideas and products are tested. Campaigns are planned and executed. Leads are captured and nurtured. Results of the marketing efforts are monitored. Many marketing tools are available but everything cannot be used. An affiliate marketing agency chooses the most suitable tools for your products such as customer discovery, prototyping and testing, social media and email management and lastly analytics and tracking.

Right Tools Brings Great Result

Affiliate Marketing is Based on Bonds

Through affiliate marketing, your brand and product is promoted by setting bonds on websites with your customers. The customers themselves take part in this form of marketing by posting reviews, comments and suggestions.


Each review posted online by a customer is advertising for your business. Buying decisions are based on the comments and recommendations made by family and friends. Many customers look for feedback of existing customers about the product. They would consider the opinions of the people about the product even if they are strangers. Online reviews provide mass exposure that could never be achieved by traditional marketing channels!

The Advantages of Reviews

High Ranking In Search Pages

Reviews influence internet search engine results. If your business name is mentioned a lot of times for a particular type of business, then you will rank high in the search pages! Search engine algorithms take the importance of customer reviews in to account. A high number of consumer reviews would indicate that your business is authentic and reliable. The feedback about a product shared on social media encourages readers to view the brand’s website which will lead to increase in brand awareness.
Online reviews, appreciations, criticisms, and also suggest ions help in improvement of your business. This is a good opportunity to directly interact with your customers and resolve their problems and also improve business practices. Many of the customers might complain about your business to others but would not post a review. But if the complaint is published, you get the opportunity to address and respond to them which would again give a good impression and publicity to your brand.

Criticism And Suggestions

Interaction With Customers

Online review sites offers a chance to develop a close relationship with customers. Your reply to their reviews would show your interest in serving the customers. Through your replies, customers get to know you personally. Posting of your personal photograph also creates an impact on the customers as they enjoy knowing about the person behind the business and as a result, they would be loyal to you.

We Take Charge

Are you impressed by the benefits of affiliate marketing?

Feel free to contact us for guidance regarding this mode of marketing which has high scope of business promotion. Promoters and creators can concentrate on other aspects of their business such as production while we take charge of the marketing work for them. By giving the responsibility of marketing your brand and business to an affiliate marketing agency, you can just sit back and relax. It is our duty to establish an online presence for your products and brands. Lamdasoft has the best designers, web developers, and social media marketers in its team. We establish an impressive digital presence for affiliate marketers which serves as the platform from where they can market their products.
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