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Win over your competitors with a CMS website with advanced features which saves your time and money.
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Content Management System is an excellent choice

Lamdasoft Web designing And Digital Marketing Company,will help you build a highly customizable CMS website that would make your business sparkle online.

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CMS Website Designing and Development Company

Lamdasoft’s web development team uses content management system to create appealing websites that act as the foundation of your online presence. The user friendly interface of a CMS-backed website makes it easy to update, modify, and create content. The database driven nature of a CMS also supports social networking elements.

1. A content management application (CMA) – allows you to add and manage content
2. A content delivery application (CDA) – stores the content and makes it visible to your visitors.
Combined with each other, the two systems maintain your website

Components of Content Management System

Benefits of content Management system:

  • User-friendly and consistent navigation with sleek menus.
  • Enables to upload all types of media (Videos to PDF documents).
  • The facility to add online forms and other special features.
  • Robust inter-website searching and sorting capacities.
  • Database-driven nature.
  • High level of information safety with continuous security updates.
Our expert team chooses modules with fantastic functionality which renders great user experience. New changes and updates can be made in the website at any time. The CMS website would be an ultra-fast site that loads in a click. It is a responsive website which displays beautifully in all mobile devices.

Supreme Functionality

Our Development Process

Start With Review And Planning

We start the CMS development process with a review of your current website and also the competitor websites. We analyze the complete concept of your site and according to the needs, take steps for improvement. We come up with a full Website Specification Document which contains details about website’s features, page types, and more.
We select perfect mockups and potential designs with unique design templates relevant to the needs of your website. These can be revised such that your website has a customized logical and consistent design which is easily navigable. We add features and page elements in accordance with the latest technological expectations.

Perfect Mockups & Designs

Website Development

CMS website’s development is done by installing and configuring modules that makes your website very powerful. The new website will be SEO friendly and responsive to every type of mobile device.
Your new CMS-driven website needs value-adding content. We will upload the apt content detailing all the aspects of your business to promote high ROI when the site goes live.

Value-adding Content Upload

Quality Assurance Protocols

We assure you that you will have the best CMS-based website created for your business. We have developed comprehensive quality assurance protocols to give you perfect quality.

Open Source Content Management System

Open source CMS software can be launched with compatible templates, add-ons, plugins, and regularly updating the software. Examples: WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Open source CMS can be installed and managed on a web server. Numerous customizations can be done for different business needs, such as plugins for e-commerce websites, tools to optimize content for search engines and customize various design themes and layouts.

Different Types Of Content Management Systems

Proprietary or Commercial Content Management System

Proprietary or commercial CMS software could be built and managed by a single company. Launching, updates, support, upgrades, and ongoing technical or user support will be done. Examples: Kentico, Microsoft SharePoint, and Shopify.
SaaS CMS solutions comprise web content management software, web hosting, and technical support. These are hosted in the cloud on the basis of per-user or per-site.

Software as a Service (SaaS) CMS

There are two types of cloud systems

‘Fully cloud’ CMS and ‘Partial cloud’ CMS. You can choose among them and modify the functionality of your website. Cloud CMS offers significant benefits to small and medium-sized businesses.

Is your Website design up to date? Every day, modern and new devices like smart phones, tablets, smart watches are being introduced. People expect websites with gorgeous designs that are accessible in all devices, instantaneous load time, valuable content, and more. It is time for you to redesign your website now! You need a CMS Website Development Company . Why worry when you have an expert team at Lamdasoft Webdesign And Digital Marketing Company, Tamil Nadu?

It Is Time To Redesign Your Website

Going Live of CMS Website

Finally, your new CMS website would go live!

Websites that benefit from CMS:

  • Corporate Information Portal
  • Community Environment
  • Social Networking
  • Personal Blog
  • Photo and/or Portfolio Gallery
  • ECommerce
  • Intranet
  • Media Integration
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